Gum Nut + Koala and Kangaroo Spoons Gum nut Cake Slice

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GS/16 Spoon Top Design

GS/15 Spoon
Gum Leaf/Nut Design
PRICE Each Spoon:$120.00 +P&P

GS/15 Spoon top design

GS/16 Spoon
Gum Leaf/Nut Design
Price each spoon:$120.00 +P&P

SK/18 Kangaroo Spoon
SK/20 Koala Spoon
Price each spoon:$120.00+P&P

Sk/18 Kangaroo Spoon Top
SK/20 Koala Spoon Top

BKI/1Butter Knife Vine/Grape
Price:$225.00 +P&P
BK/2 Pate Knife Vine/Grape
BK/6 Spoon Vine/Grape

BK/6Spoon BK/2 PateBK/1 Butter Top

SC/8Celtic Spoon
Price each Spoon:$120.00 +P&P

SC/8 Spoon Top Design

CKG/75 Handle Top

CKG/75 Cake Slice Gum/Leaf Design
Length:19cm Width:5cm Weight:100g


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Perth,Western Australia.
Phone: (08) 94032070 Mob:0488750167

Hand crafted Jewelery including:Designs in Celtic,wildflower,Gum nut,Opal,Turquoise and Special Gift ware Items all crafted in .925 Sterling Silver

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