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Sean Carroll Silversmith
Perth,Western Australia
Phone:0894032070 Mob:0488750167


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History of Sean

John soldering Wine Jug with lid

Sean Working on Large Wine



Sean Crafting A large Fruit Bowl


Sean working on a special Commissioned
Sterling Silver Model ‘Cessna Airplane

Sean is an Irish/UK  trained Silversmith/Goldsmith designer Craftsman. Sean is third in line of silversmiths which include his grandfather  Hugh Carroll and Sean's Father John Carroll. Both grandfather and father were both leading silversmiths in Ireland and the U.K .Sean Studied in the Irish National school of art in Dublin. His studies included: Design,Hand Chasing (Repousse) and Silver hand raising. While studying he gained practical experience working with his dad.
Moving to London Sean continued his studies in “Sir John Roger Cass School of art London” .He continued his practical skills working for two of London oldest silversmiths :”Edward Barnard & Sons” and” Comyns and Sons Silversmiths” in London
Sean returned to Dublin and set up his own silver smithing workshops.His Silver Craft and Designs were bought by some of the leading Retail jewelers including “Tiffany of new York” “Garrard of London” and “ Harrods of London”.His workshops were filmed for the Irish national television organization  (RTE Television)  (for a documentaries on the arts called ”Hands” A Dublin Silversmith
in 1988 Sean and his wife Mary decided a change of life style and Climate was required. They and their three boys migrated to Perth  Western  Australia and in 1992 all became Australian Citizens.


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